Ajax Stock Control for OSCommerce

Ajax is the web technology that allows Google to suggest matches to you when you start typing in their website.

This OSCommerce addon will allow you to very quickly go to the admin page for the right

  • Customer
  • Order
  • Product
If you're on the phone to a customer, you don't have to try several times to find the right order or customer. It'll display matches in a box that pops up below what you type in the header. Then you can just click on the right entry and it'll take you directly to that page.

If you want to make changes to a product, just type in the product model or product name and you can find and edit it quickly. If there's too many matches, just keep typing until you've identified the right one.

Ajax Admin Header

The addon Graith Internet has created is very easy to add to your OSCommerce store, but if you want us to add it for you, just select the appropriate option below (we'll need your site FTP details along with your OSC admin login details).

Click Buy Now to purchase the addon to install onto your site. It's very simple to install and was written with instructions for OSC MS2.2 RC2 and CRELoaded 6.4 CE (the free version).

The process isn't automatic. You'll be sent an email by a real person and you can converse by email if you have problems or questions. (Please allow extra time if ordering in the evening or weekend (UK time - currently 08:55am. If you pay for Install, there is no guarantee given about when the work can be done, but if you're unhappy, you'll get a refund)


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