Setting Up Outlook Express to use a Graith Email Account


Graith Internet does not supply dial-up accounts for your to access the Internet so we can't supply the wizzy software that many ISPs do to configure your machine automatically. But don't worry, it's not really difficult.


In Outlook Express™, you configure your mail account by going to Tools and Accounts... then click on the Mail tab.

Configuring your email account is simply a matter of pressing the Add button and answering a few questions.

Display Name

This describes who you are seen to be when others receive email from you. You could claim to be Tony Blair and have an email address, but that wouldn't be true. That's called forging your email headers. If you do this, it's probable that people won't be able to reply to any email you send.

Enter your full name

Internet Email Address

You should choose to enter the details of an existing email account. Enter the email address you want to receive emails on. With Graith Internet, you can receive emails at so it's your choice.

It's like having one letter box and the postman knows to deliver letters to any of your family through that box.

Email Server Names

This section tells Outlook where to collect your email and where to send it from.You need to enter your website domain name in your incoming mail server . I use wherever it asks for my incoming mail server. If it asks POP3/IMAP, enter POP3. You'll also be asked for your username. (You should have been informed of your username and password when your service was set up.)


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