Many businesses are now aware of the need to put their legacy databases and spreadsheets onto the Internet. This can be for many reasons:

  • Generate a new revenue stream from a data source you've had for a long time but never been able to sell in this way before
  • Allow remote staff to access database information globally without the need for long-distance telephone calls
  • Create web sites with information taken from databases rather than with expensive, hard-to-maintain static web pages

Extranets - business-to-business websites - are a reality in today's modern business and more than ever, you find you need to put your database onto the global super-highway. When you discover you need to do this, you look into how you'll get this done.

Your in-house IT department doesn't have the skills yet and when you get a quote from a consultancy, you find they're going to charge your £500/day at least and often much more. The project is going to cost tens of thousands of pounds.

OK, some databases justify that outlay, but how many other opportunities would you have if you could do it for 10% to 20% of that cost?


We've got years of experience of putting Excel, DBase and Access databases onto the web. We use a fast SQL database engine (mSQL, mySQL and PostgreSQL) and a fast ASPlike scripting language called PHP4.

This database technology is also particularly good at maintaining a membership database to restrict access to your sensitive material to those that need to know.

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