Web and Email Hosting

If you're confused by all the technical stuff, but know you need a website hosted and some email to go with it, then the big companies won't hold your hand while you set it up. We'll advise you or can help you install your website and configure your email. We're available by phone (local rate 9am-4pm weekdays) or email most of the time. You also get your own web based "control panel", so you can set email up yourself and web based email access too (like GMail).

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£99 Business Standard

£99+VAT per year
£9.99+VAT per month
by Standing Order
(6 months min)

  • UNLIMITED Lightning-Fast UK Web Space
  • UNLIMITED data transfer included
  • Free and Unlimited phone and email support
  • Your own domain name
  • 999 POP3 Email boxes with unlimited size
  • Web-based control panel to configure your account
  • Webmail so you can read and write email from anywhere
  • Unlimited email forwarding
  • Unlimited auto-responders
  • MS FrontPage Extensions
  • PHP4 Scripting Language
  • MySQL Database
  • Regular Server Backups
  • SMTP Email Server
  • MRA Email
  • Other options

£199 Business Professional

£199+VAT per year
£19.99+VAT per month
by Standing Order
(6 months min)

  • All the above except
  • Free use of secure HTTPS/SSL connection to your pages

You need this one if you want to conduct any e-commerce on the web but you've got your own e-commerce site.

£399 E-Commerce Gold

£399+VAT per year
£39.99+VAT per month
by Standing Order
(6 months min)

  • All the above except
  • Site installed on a Managed Dedicated server with maximum of ten sites on it
  • No Control Panel : All server admin is done by us
  • MySQL 5, PHP4 or PHP5

You need this one if you want to conduct any e-commerce and you want it to be one of the fastest around.

Multiple Site Discounts

If you want more than one of the above, you get subsequent servers half-price (provided you have them billed at the same time of year on one invoice), so 4 OSCommerce sites, cost £497+VAT

Fully Managed Dedicated Server

£111+VAT per month

If you've got a website selling stuff and you begin to make enough money off it to worry what happens if it goes down, you'll find that being on a "Shared Server" with other customers that could easily slow your site down or crash it is just simply not a situation you're willing to let continue.

Then you do the research and see that you probably want a dedicated server, but you investigate a bit more and find that there's a lot to it and setting it up and knowing what to do if it goes wrong or if you want to change something is beyond you. The big companies only really provide technical help to people who know how to understand the language. If that's not you, this is the server you need.

We provide a dedicated server for your website with one SSL (more at cost) and unlimited domain names and unlimited email accounts. We set it up for you and look after it so if it goes down, we get it back up and working again. We can also advise how to enhance your website leaving you to get on wth making money from it.

Contact us if you're interested in one of these.

Other Options

  • Extra domain names or Subdomains(£20pa +VAT per name)

Note: When you register a .uk domain name you are also entering into a contract with Nominet and you agree to their terms and conditions. This is a separate contract to any you may have with a third party for the provision of internet services. Please read before you register your domain name.

Note: There is a policy on the Business Standard, Business Professional and OSCommerce servers that probit you from sending unsolicited/bulk mailings. This is to ensure that the server is not blacklisted for other customers.

How to set up your email account

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Organic Catalogue

This OSCommerce site does a lot of business. We helped improve its telephone ordering system as well as providing custom modifications and technical advice.