Barcodes for OSCommerce

If you have an OSCommerce store and your products have barcodes, this will allow you to add them easily to your database.
USB CCD Barcode Reader You can then use barcodes for stock control and your Google Base data feed will include the GTIN field required by Google.

Google Base Graith Internet have created an efficient addon to OSCommerce that allows you to scan the barcode of every product you sell, showing you clearly which ones you've not scanned yet. Scan a product and the AJAX operation quickly updates part of the page to ask you to associate the right product with it. Products which haven't yet got a barcode are shown in red and those that have are shown in green. When every product has been added to your database the Google Base data feed can send this information (in the GTIN field) to Google. Google will then be better able to compare the same products with each other.


  • Find a product that needs to be scanned
  • Scan the barcode
  • Select the category the product is in
  • Select the product from the list
  • Done

If you've already scanned the product, you'll be shown the product name already configured. The products left to scan are shown in the report.

Stock Control

Once an item has a barcode, if you want to change the stock level of that item, just scan the barcode and you'll be told the current stock level and promted for the new stock level.


What are the two variants?
You can buy the code just to help you maintain the stock level or if you're confident you can integrate the barcode with your own Google Base Data feed. You get emailed the code and instructions to install it.
Or you can pay a little more and buy the Google Base data feed with it and we will install both for you and set your store up to send data feed information daily.

What do you mean by AJAX operation?
AJAX allows most operations to happen without page re-loads so it's very fast. There are some operations which cause a page re-load but there's only a few of these per customer phone call so it's very much faster than using your OSCommerce website to buy the products.

Does it work with OSC MS2.2?

Does it work with CRE Loaded?

Does it work with OSC 2.3.1?

Does it work with Zencart?
Probably not. Earlier Zencart was very similar to OSCommerce so it would have worked but more recent changes mean it's unlikely to work.




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