OSCommerce Modifications

Graith Internet now do a lot of work with all varieties of OSCommerce. We've built up a lot of expertise and have even contributed and fixed bugs on the CRELoaded version of OSC.

If you know you want an OSC site with ePDQ, ProtX, WorldPay, HSBC, Paypal payment methods and a specific shipping method (how you charge for post and packing), we've got the expertise to deliver a fully working site to you.

If your product database is in MS Access, Excell or on little bits of paper, we can deliver OSC fully populated with your products with all the details and three or more photos of different sizes for each product with watermarks on the images if you want them.

Guitartek wanted to be able to suggest that a customer buying an electric guitar might want to order guitar picks, strings and a case to go with it or they may want to upgrade to the next most expensive model for only a small difference in price. Graith Internet wrote modules with associated admin pages that allow them to do that.

SimplyFertility wanted to be able to charge different postage for Pack sizes of 1,5,10 or 50 items, so we wrote that for them.

Mobilitybuddy and ActiveMobility both wanted to be able to exclude VAT from goods destined for disabled customers but charge it otherwise.

CarAudioDirect wanted a lot of customisation so you might not even recognise it as an OSC site, plus they wanted to tie the back end into their own stock control program and credit card authorisation system. Graith Internet did that for them too.

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Contact us if you'd like something different for OSC and you can't see how to add it or who to do it for you.

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