OSCommerce AJAX Search

AJAX Search makes finding products on your OSCommerce site much faster. Typing into the search box results in a search on every keypress and a pause shows the pictures associated. Up to ten results are displayed and these may be from

  • Categories
  • Manufacturers
  • Products

The header bar gets a new search box in

Search results with pictures

The addon is written for OSC 2.33 and CRE Loaded. Check it out here.

See also AJAX Add To Cart

Click Buy Now to purchase the addon to install onto your site. It's moderately easy to install and configure and was written with for OSC 2.3.3 and CRELoaded (6.5CE). Or choose the install option to have us do it all for you.
For a limited time only, installation is free if you want it.


The process isn't automatic. You'll be sent an email by a real person and you can converse by email if you have problems or questions. Please allow extra time if ordering in the evening or weekend (UK time - currently 23:07pm.) If you pay for Install, there is no guarantee given about when the work can be done, but if you're unhappy, you'll get a refund.


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Active Mobility

Active Mobility

Active Mobility sell items which may qualify for VAT relief if the customer completes a form.

This work involved integrating a new form into the OSCommerce checkout procedure and adjusting prices appropriately.